Business Intelligence and Analytics

Modern Self-service BI and Analytics Platform

Connect, prepare and analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes.

Business Intelligence Solutions.

Visual Analytics Dashboard For All Industries

Business Intelligence Platform to Do It All

  • Unified analyticsthat use all your data for unified insights
  • Intuitive visualizations& self-service BI built for business users
  • AI & ML poweredscientific predictions & forecasts
  • Secure & scalableBI platform for all the answers you need
  • Deploy on-premises, on Cloud or subscription-based SaaS BI
  • Boost adoption to drives a data culture across your enterprise

Easy To Use

Cost Effective

Secure Data Centre

API Integration

The single-license platform that integrates ETL, OLAP, analytics and data science now also include an enriched experience, new visualizations and Twitter data sentiment analytics.