Fulltime Recruitment

End to End Recruitment Process:


Ascendots Screening Process Flow:


Fulltime Hire

  • Dedicated Technical and Domains knowledge Recruiters work on account for sourcing
  • Strong Technical screeners for screening resume
  • Large In-house database search available for recruiters
  • Strong capability on headhunting and referral based sourcing
  • Strong candidate experience and management
  • Scale and Bandwidth to deploy 50-300 recruiters on one account
  • Scale and Bandwidth to onboard 300-500 in a month on one account
  • Specialized search and hunting on Niche and Super Nich skills
  • Specialized Team for sourcing on emerging technologies like Mobile, Digital and Social Media, Cloud, BIg Data and Analytics and Internet of things
  • Strong capabilities on sourcing SAP, JAVA, Microsoft, Business Intelligence, Middleware and enterprise architecture, Industry Applications, Hostcentric platform, Testing, Products, Infrastructure and Technical support skills
  • Strong capability on diversity hiring and enabling client to increase diversity mix on delivery
  • Company can work on turn key or contingency basis or specilised search basis retainership model
  • Faster Turn around, lower renege, better candidates experience and risk and reward model is success key factors at Ascendots

Fulltime Hire